Our lives unfold within the community of Fayetteville. Our areas of expertise are eye health and eye wear.  We enjoy seeing those things all come together at BMEC

BMEC is simply a reflection of its community

BMEC was founded by Dr. Ben Lynch in 2014.  It was founded upon, and remains grounded in, a belief that independent eye care is best for patients and community.  What does that mean?  It means BMEC is not owned, influenced or controlled by any corporate or outside entity.  This ensures that all health care decisions are made with you, and only you, in mind.

This also allows us to carry the absolute highest quality eye wear that the world produces.  Have you seen those documentaries that claim all eyeglasses are made in one factory? Not true.  Our frames are made in ethical, state of the art facilities which are often ran by families who have been making glasses for generations.

We Love

  • Arkansas
  • Luxury Eyewear
  • Simplicity

We Are Here To

  • Understand
  • Explain
  • Have Fun

Meet Our Team

We are here to take eye care and eyewear off your plate.  We are here to make it easy.  We are here to help.


I was born in Fayetteville and my family has called the hills of Arkansas 'home' for generations. I graduated from Rogers High School, the University of Arkansas, and Northeastern State Oklahoma College of Optometry. In my spare time I enjoy fly fishing, reading, biking and most outdoor activities. Gulley Park is a happy place for my family and me- please say "hi" if you see us!

Some random fun stuff- my favorite musicians oscillate between Lord Huron and Jason Isbell. My favorite authors are Gabrielle Garcia Marquez and Cormac McCarthy. My ideal vacation is a wide open space of natural beauty. My favorite foods are simple and fresh, no need for unnecessary complexity. I'll take street tacos or a cheeseburger over a formal 5 course meal any day. I'm easy and I value the small moments of leisure more than anything.

I founded Boston Mountain Eye Care in 2014 and love operating a small business in this growing community. I believe healthcare should be honest, transparent, and patient focused within the community. I support all other local eye doctors who practice this way, as well! I have no financial disclosures nor do I have any obligation to any outside entity such as a corporation or insurer. I am wholly independent so that I can prioritize patient care, world class eyewear, and community based growth. I love Fayetteville and welcome all who value the benefits of locally based health care.


Patrick is our head optician and buyer for the optical store. He is great at helping find glasses that are the best fit for your face, while reflecting your personal style. Patrick personally sees to the best custom fit for you once your eyewear arrives. We can say without hesitation that Patrick is the best in the business!


Casey is our front desk receptionist. She was born here in Fayetteville, and was raised here as well as in Germany. Casey enjoys photography as well as traveling with her two dogs. She always has a smile on her face, and wants everyone to feel welcome and confident here at BMEC!