You’ll receive the highest level of care and personalized attention with every service we offer.


BMEC isn’t just an office to get your eyes checked and find some glasses. We’re a medical facility that can write prescriptions and perform 24-hour emergency eye medical procedures.

We can help in all aspects of eye health including diseases that affect your eyes, like diabetes, glaucoma, allergies, dry eye and high blood pressure. Many procedures along these lines can be billed under medical insurance, so we can help even if you don’t have specific optical insurance.


We have several brands and styles of frames and sunglasses in stock.  From stylish and sophisticated brands like Toms, Yuichi Toyama, Raen, Woow, State Optical, Article One, Garrett Leight and Haffmans & Neumeister. To functional and sporty frames such as Ray Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Shwood and Costa.

Yes, we are an office where you get your eyes checked and can find some glasses, but we have contacts too!  BMEC features the Acuvue brand contacts amongst all other options of regular or tinted vanity lenses. We have most on site for trial, including a wide selection of daily disposable lenses for on the go individuals like us. For the environmentally responsible, we’re one of the few places in NWA that recycles contact packaging for customers.

Either way you decide to go, with our extensive stock on site, chances are you’ll walk out our door after your appointment with your new look and seeing better.


BMEC is available for you when you need us most anytime day or night. When you have a foreign object lodged in your eye, you may not want to go to the emergency room. Give us a call and we’ll meet you at our office…a controlled environment that won’t leave you susceptible to the infections in the ER, or the wait. You will be the sole focus of our attention and we can bill to medical insurance so you won’t need a separate optical plan.

We can also help with visual abnormalities like flashes, floaters or dilated eyes.