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Happy spring break, everyone!  Hope everyone is out having a blast & living it up in the sun while poor old Dr. Ben is stuck in the office.  Just writing blogs and working on his taxes … sigh.  Kidding.  I love coming to work!   I am a bit envious of all of my fantastic employees who are off having fun this week.  You all travel safe and enjoy because GOODNESS KNOWS you’ve earned it!  Also please don’t stay on whatever island you are visiting because I have no organizational skills and need you back!!

Anyhow … let’s continue talking about colors.  I would like to address filters today and how they pertain to the fashionable sunglasses we all love.  Our optical has received a ton of new sunglasses this week.   Spy, Raen, Rayban & Toms glasses and sunglasses have been arriving at our eye clinic all week.  Many great looks with UV protection and high quality optical lenses to prepare you for fun on the lake or golf course this summer.  We all know that sunglasses relieve our eyes from the blinding light of midday … but how does this work?

Many of you have seen this beautiful photograph if you follow @bmeyecare on social media.

-Dr. Ben


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