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Boston Mountain Eye Care has partnered with MARLO to provide for you the easiest way to order contacts online, directly through us. Just come in for your comprehensive eye exam, get your prescription and then we’ll handle the rest to get your contact lenses delivered directly to your door.

How it works

You can either order in-office at the time of your appointment or you can call or text us when you are ready to order.  Our office will be in touch with you to go over your options and you can actually place the order yourself online through the MARLO patient portal.


Our office will apply your insurance we have on file, depending on eligibility, so there is no need for you to contact your insurance and figure this out for yourself.


Your contacts will then be sent directly to your door, or to our office, whichever is your preference. Standard shipping (3-6 business days) is always free. MARLO will also send you a reminder when you are running low on contacts, or if it is almost time to schedule your exam to get your prescription updated, so you never run out of contacts.


We also often offer the highest rebates (and lowest cost per lens!) compared to other online contact websites, especially when ordering a full year’s supply of contact lenses.  Regardless of price, no online retailer comes close to our customer service  guarantee- buy from us, and you’ll never be stuck with a lens that doesn’t work.  Even if your old boxes have been opened, we will swap for credit if your needs change or your prescription changes as long as they were purchased from BMEC or MARLO.


Call or text our office today (479-442-3838) for more information on ordering your contact lenses online through Boston Mountain Eye Care and MARLO.