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Hey everyone- it’s been awhile, huh?  I apologize for the absence of BMEC blogs over the past few months.  We have been busy!!  We have been working hard to grow as a clinic and working hard to make BMEC better for its patients.  Let’s go over what’s been happening and what’s new!

We have a TON of amazing new frames!  A lot of exclusive lines which are available only at Boston Mountain Eye Care.  We have added the brands Sunday Somewhere out of Australia; Silver Lining out of Brooklyn, NY; Woow out of Paris, France; Kilsgaard out of Denmark; Komono out of Belgium.  We feel that these frame lines are of the highest quality and that patients will truly be able to feel and appreciate the difference in our products compared to more common frames.  I encourage you to check these brands out online and to come browse our glasses and sunglasses when you are in the neighborhood!

We have updated our patient communication system so you can TEXT OUR OFFICE NUMBER now!  Isn’t that great?  From any phone or digital device capable of text, simply text your question to 479-442-3838 and we will reply right to your phone!  This makes communication and coordination simple and more efficient for BMEC and its patients.

We have changed our hours!  We are now open 8am-5pm MWT.  We are open late Tuesdays for the 8-5 working crowd, taking appointments from 12pm-7pm.  On Fridays, we close at 3pm to finish up weekly paperwork.  We have very friendly hours and should be able to accommodate most anyone’s schedule!

We are implementing weekend emergency communication.  You will be able to text/call the office line and leave a message for me (Dr. Ben) when the clinic is closed.  If it is an emergency I will get back with you ASAP and we can decide whether or not you can wait to be seen until regular business hours.  This will provide our patients with 24/7 health care and is another example of how BMEC is dedicated to providing the best eye care possible.  Look for this feature in mid-July via email and social media announcement.

We have a wonderful staff on hand!  We have seen one staff member graduate college and move to Utah for work and we have seen another move on after finishing nursing school- we couldn’t be more proud!  We have the brightest, most dedicated, most capable staff of any clinic in Fayetteville.  Two of our current staff members are future eye doctors and our buyer/optician is formally trained in apparel studies.  They are all very capable and I would love for you to come and meet them.

I just want to remind everyone to be safe this 4th of July.  Every year there are so many eye injuries related to fireworks.  I urge you to be careful and to exercise safety at all times when handling fireworks.  Please remember that accidents happen and be extra cautious while celebrating this year!  Also … have fun, be safe and enjoy good company!

I promise to write more blogs and more technical articles in the future.  Look for something new at least once/month.  My next one is going to deal with a very common complaint in my office- allergies to makeup and other over-the-counter skin products with help from my wife, Rhonda.

Thank you all!!  Come see us soon!


Dr. Benjamin Lynch
Boston Mountain Eye Care
350 E Sunbridge Drive | Fayetteville, AR | 72703
479.442.3838 |